Packages from $399-$4,999 include the following:

bluecheckmark Rental of 32 inch video recording, text messaging, photo LCD touchscreen

bluecheckmark On-site staff to assist your guests through photo-taking, video and text message recording process

bluecheckmark Party favors photos for all guests, 2 CD’s containing all photos, texts, videos and recorded messages

bluecheckmark Incredible selection of fun props, in addition to pre-production services, system set up and travel expenses

Basic Photo Package(No Video)

bluecheckmark Rone 4X6 photograph of four poses per guest as party favor

bluecheckmark unlimited use of photo screen shots

bluecheckmark unlimited use of text messaging feature

bluecheckmark unlimited use of interactive props expenses

Premium Video,Text and Photo Package

bluecheckmark includes all that is offered in the Basic Photo Package PLUS

bluecheckmark unlimited use of video recording feature

bluecheckmark two CD’s of all photos, text messages and video recordings for Event Host

Designer Digital Guest Book Package

bluecheckmark includes all that is offered in Premium Video, Text, & Photo Package PLUS

bluecheckmark professionally designed Digital Guestbook Album complete with complimentary appointment to select your favorite theme and style

Deluxe Combo Packages

bluecheckmark professional photographer

bluecheckmark videographer/cinematographer

bluecheckmark live DJ services


bluecheckmark any unique combination elements of the packages listed above

bluecheckmark variety of personalized custom features to select from

bluecheckmark additional CD’s, tagline, banners, etc.


  • checkmark Video Recording
  • checkmark Text Messaging
  • checkmark Interactive Props
  • checkmark Touchscreen Photos

Booth-free, hassle-free, video-photography!



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“For her 61st Birthday, my mom wanted to throw a party for her friends, not herself, so we hired a D.J. who got us all jumping’ n jiving…and Photo Booth Sonoma captured those priceless memories on video and photos…encapsulating the evening to take home and cherish for a long time to come…” ~ Natalie S.

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